Trip to London.

How is it the end of April already?

Last time I wrote a post was at the start of 2018, I hadn’t even got half of my dissertation written but now its all handed in after blood,sweat and tears…maybe not blood. I’m at the end of my final year at university with only 2 assignments left to go and then I will finally done. However, I got a break from the long days of continuously staring at my laptop screen because myself and Tom went on a trip to London. It was Toms birthday in March and I decided to get us tickets to see Aladdin in theatre, let me tell you, it was AMAZING! It’s up there with the Lion King for sure, definitely recommend.

Our day started by going to the Natural History museum which I had never been to before. I was very excited for the dinosaur exhibit… and of course the blue whale skeleton!

We then both got back onto the tube and made our way to Soho where all the theatres are but most importantly this MOST amazing doughnut shop you will ever visit (this was the most exciting part of the day for me).

I got the Notorious P.I.G (percy the pig, mine melted so I didn’t takea photo) and Tom got the Stranger Rings 2.0 (obviously it would be chocolate).

As we all know it was one of the hottest days of the year and as you will see in the photo below I decided to wear a long sleeved mostly dark colored top and black leggings… what was I thinking?!?!


So after the doughnut trip I went to TK Maxx to buy myself an alternative top and thankfully succeeded in buying a top to suit the summer weather.

soho garden

Yay to not sweating!

We then went to do a bit more browsing around the shops and then went to Pizza Express for an early dinner before the theatre. We shared a bottle of white wine and dinned ourselves with dough balls and a pizza each. I also want to add this even if it is super soppy and cringe, but this trip was also to celebrate mine and Toms relationship of 2 years so decided to splash out a bit (though I did have vouchers from Tesco club card rewards!)

We then made our way to the Prince Edward theatre and waited for the show to begin.

Sorry about the photo quality it was my on my phone!

The show had ended, we were over whelmed with how spectacular it was.  We were both getting very tired as we had been in London by 10am and by this time is was 10:30pm… way past my bedtime HA! So we made our way to the tube and realized we might be late for our train back to Cambridge. So for the first time in my life we sprinted off the tube at our stop running up about 3 sets of steep escalators to get to Kings Cross station… however we missed the train by  1 minute. We must have looked like such tourists… or nutters. We got the next train which was only a 30 minute wait. We arrived back home at around midnight  and conked out straight away.

All in all it was a very good day and would definitely do it more often, you know its only about my 3rd proper day in London!

Have any of you been to London recently, what do you normally get up to and do you recommend any other shows to watch?


2018 is here.

Happy New year everyone! 2018… wow. I always thought when I was younger how 2018 was so far away and that it would never turn up, but here we are.

I can see 2018 being a big year for me. Doing my research project for my 3rd year at university (for those that don’t know I study Sport and exercise science), finishing and graduating university… thank goodness! Although it has only just hit my how little time I have left (3-4 months) of student life, as much as I’ve loved being a student I am ready to start life properly. As Tom always tells me… we are still only really warming up for real adult life. I feel like I’ve already been in it for years so goodness knows what’s in store for the future.

I’m also having to decide where to live, whether I stay in the Cambridgeshire area or come back to Norfolk. I guess i’ll have to see on job opportunities and where I am in life come August this year.

2017 was a whirl wind but felt  much more a tornado. I made friends, lost friends and I’ve started to figure what type of person I am. I’ve grown a much more confident person due to circumstances, for example 10 minute presentations which I absolutely dread… any one else know my pain? I’m not a natural presenter so I have to work my hardest so get even an average score. I’ve learnt to realize when people are worth fighting for or not, which can be one of lives biggest lessons.

I don’t really know where I’m going with this post, I just started writing in front of the fire hoping things would transfer from brain to keyboard.

I’m at my mums home in Norfolk before university starts again, time to clear my mind ready for the busy times ahead.

Does anyone else have a big year of change ahead of them or advice on big decisions?





Break away in Yorkshire

A couple months ago in November myself and my boyfriend Tom went up to Yorkshire to “get away from it all”.

Toms’ Grandparents live there so it was the perfect place. It’s one of the most beautiful places I’ve been to. Hills for miles, valleys, streams and lots of cups of tea!, it’s so different to being here in Cambridge. Being surrounded by heavy traffic (the air pollution difference is noticeable), the pressure of university work and realizing how loud cities actually are. I’ve lived in Cambridge for 2 years and about 3 months now so I’m very used to ‘City life’.

We went on walks everyday, most of the time taking Soph the golden lab.

IMG_0024.JPGLook at the gorgeous face.

IMG_0042.JPGI’m okay master!

Our break away lasted for 4 nights and it was the best few days I had for a very long time. We did jigsaws, read books and just chilled out which at the time I didn’t get to do very often. At the time I had a job but unfortunately at the beginning of December I had to leave because I was having reoccurring back muscle pain. So currently I have a lot more free time on my hands which is why I am able to write this post.

I took my new DSLR camera with me on the trip and took way too many photos so get a cup of tea and enjoy scrolling through them.


That hill behind me…lets just say it tested my level of fitness!



The view once I climbed the hill.


Myself and Tom


Got to include a posed photo!












As you can see all the pictures are from going on walks, luckily the weather held up with bright blue skies!

We also went to Hebdem Bridge which is a little village near Toms’ grandparents house. I experienced one of the most delicious hot chocolates at a local cafe and of course I convinced Tom to go into a few charity shops!

I would definitely love to go again but probably once I have finished my 3rd year of university… My research project has priority at the moment.

Are you in need of a break to get away from it all? or have you been away, if so where?





Autumn look book.

Evening all!

I love the season of autumn. I get to start wearing cosy jumpers, snuggly coats and drinking lots of Costa hot chocolates! (cannot wait to try the billionaire hot choc btw, let me know how it is?!?)

Another of my favourite things about autumn is an autumn look book. I did these on my old blog, however, the photos weren’t great because I didn’t own a good enough camera (also I tried to take the photos myself but now I own an actual DSLR camera (although these were from my Iphone as I didn’t have my camera on me so excuse the quality)  so i’m ready for whatever season! Here are a couple of snaps I did, all clothing items will be listed at the end:



This yellow door is my favourite in Cambridge, anyone who knows Cambridge well know where this is?

Coat: Tesco, F&F

Jumper: Primark

Skirt: Topshop

Tights: Primark

Boots: New look

What’s your favourite thing about autumn? I’d love to know!




I’m back with word press.

I’ve not been blogging, which hugely saddened me for months.

For those who do not know me my name is Christy, I used to blog often, mostly about my life and every now and then a fashion or makeup post, however I have decided to start from scratch. A brand new Instagram ,  the same name and most importantly a new blog site!

University, my job and my “social” life (that’s what I like to call napping and chatting with my house mates) have got in the way. I am a 3rd year student at university studying sport and exercise science so you’re probably wondering “why is she writing a fashion and lifestyle blog?”, the answer is because “This girl can” – Reference sport England… I’m only writing a blog post and I’m still referencing, Uni has definitely taken its toll on me.

For my previous blog I used Blogger, and to be honest I wasn’t getting great stats which in a way unmotivated me to continue writing. However I am back with a vengeance! My aim is to upload every week or every two weeks, depending on how my busy lifestyle plays out to be like. My content will consist of mostly fashion and lifestyle… possibly the odd makeup but trust me, I am no makeup artist!

Do any of you have a pre loved hobby which you wish you could take up again?

Look out for my next post!